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An English dissertation is typically a long composition in which the writer focuses on a certain component of the discipline. This can either be a literary analysis of an author’s writing style, it could involve a rhetorical analysis of a given work of literature, or it can be dealing with the analysis of stylistic devices used within a text. Furthermore, students can write about the history of a certain literary genre and its development over time.

At times, the topic might focus on contemporary literature and current trends, and in other assignments, the students might be required to analyze a given theme within a text. For this reason, dissertation papers cover a vast array of categories.

Problems Students Face in Writing a Dissertation of English

Many impediments prevent students from drafting remarkable papers. One of such problems is poor language and writing skills. For such a student, it is extremely difficult to articulate ideas and concepts in the form of writing properly. International students also experience problems in the English language.

Other students do not know how to conduct research and evaluate information effectively. As such, they cannot obtain the precise information needed to compose a good dissertation of English. They end up making shallow discussions that do not provide any insight into the topic.

Whenever teachers issue assignments, they stipulate deadlines for submission. Failure to hand in your work before the deadline can result in punitive actions. Some students are very slow in writing, thus preventing them from submitting their work on time.

During a semester, students normally undertake various academic units. There are times when separate instructors might issue multiple assignments at the same time. This can lead to excessive fatigue that prevents students from focusing on their dissertations.

Tips on How to Make a Dissertation in English

If you want to learn how to make a dissertation in English quickly, you need to adhere to certain procedures. The first step is to read the instructions provided by your supervisor, keenly. This will enable you to know the required formatting, the topic as well as deadlines, among other information. At times you might be required to choose your own topic. You can find numerous examples of English dissertation topics online.

After knowing the requirements, you need to thoroughly research content. This might involve reading a certain book and taking note of the key themes, stylistic devices, etc. as you are reading for the paper, it is important to make notes that highlight core information. For instance, in a literature review of a play, you might analyze different characters and their symbolic roles. Whereas in poetry, you might focus more on stylistic devices.

The English dissertation structure is somewhat similar to the general format in other dissertations. The author needs to begin with an introductory paragraph whereby he or she informs audiences about the topic and the general purpose of writing the paper. After that, all the literary or poetic analyses are conducted in the body of the composition. The writer utilizes evidence from a particular source. While concluding, the writer sums up all the discussions and offers closing remarks. The standard dissertation length English paper is about 15000 words. However, your instructor might specify a minimum length.

Best Dissertation Defense Tips English

In case you have never defended your dissertation before, you need some guidance on how to effectively set up a good defense. Below are some dissertation defense tips English:

  • Go through the entire paper to ensure that everything is properly written.
  • Practice the presentation either on your own or undertake a mock presentation in front of your colleagues. This can tremendously boost your confidence. You also get the opportunity to respond to any criticisms or questions.
  • On the presentation day, do not panic. Keep calm and relax. While making the presentation, do not rush to finish. Give yourself time to think and answer the questions.

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