Perfect Dissertation Literature Review for Your Ph.D. Degree

Writing a literature review for dissertation can be a daunting task. Many students tend to confuse this paper with a bibliography, but that is far from true. These assignments have something in common, but a review is lengthier and more complicated. A student has to study the sources he or she uses for a dissertation in-depth. Otherwise, it would be impossible to write a good review.

Basically, a dissertation literature review is a survey and summary of scholarly sources on a chosen topic, idea, or research question. Those could be textbooks, magazines, newspapers, scientific journals, articles, etc. A writer should provide an overview of the major results and concepts. A good paper of this type should include more than a summary of every source, and our writers know that.

Our company has been hiring qualified Ph.D. writers and editors for something around 15 years so far. They have a deep understanding of what has to be done to create an excellent literature review. In particular, if you decide to buy this type of work from our service, the assigned expert we find for you will:

  • Evaluate, explain, and present the sources used in a dissertation;
  • Synthesize pieces to stress patterns, topics, pitfalls, and deviations;
  • Demonstrate what is currently known about the explored problem;
  • Formulate a clear hypothesis;
  • Offer short summaries of the selected literary works.

From the collection of sources to the process of writing the paper itself, our writers will do everything at the top level within the set timeframes as we realize how important it is for students to catch up with their deadlines.

We know how to write a literature review for a dissertation better than anyone else in the academic writing market.

How to Write a Literature Review for a Dissertation: Professional Tips

Just like any other academic assignment, it is necessary to structure a literature review properly. Make sure you introduce the ideas in a logical manner. Make sure that you choose only recent sources related to the subject of matter. Cite them based on the required citation format.

It is also important to introduce important terms in an unbiased and comprehensive way. Here are the elements of a correct literature review for dissertation that you will all get if you buy a solution from our professional writing services:

  • An overview of the chosen topic or research question;
  • Categories and concepts of the external sources used in your work;
  • Connection of different pieces with each other and the discussed subject;
  • Conclusions about the analyzed materials;
  • Their contribution to the development of your topic.

As for the specific structure, each entry should look like a typical reference in MLA, APA, Chicago, or whatever style you choose. However, under each entry like that, you should provide a description/summary of the resource of no longer than 250-300 words (recommended).

With our team of experts by your side, you should not worry about the quality of sources, writing style, structure, and general appearance of your literature review dissertation. Having more than 15 years of experience in academic and scientific writing, we all are well aware of how different projects should look like as well as which sources to use and where to look for them. If you have specific sources to include in your work, attach them to the order form; if not, rely on our talented researchers who will search only on the most credible websites for the necessary information.

You may also wonder what some attributes of the successful literature review are. Our authors have analyzed millions of such papers as well as completed thousands of them on their own. Thus, they came up with the formula for such type of assignment:

  • Qualifications: The original writer’s credentials to make the judgments;
  • Neutrality: One’s opinion should not be biased;
  • Reliability: Whether the arguments offered by the writer are persuasive;
  • Worth: Evaluation of the source’s conclusions and suggestions.

You may either keep on searching for a free dissertation literature review example on the web or completely rely on our experts. The second option is way better as it guarantees no problems with plagiarism or grammar. You can later use the excellent works of our writers as the samples for your future works!

Better Than a Dissertation Literature Review Example: Custom Paper!

Each time you have to prepare an MA thesis or Ph.D. dissertation, feel free to turn to our experts for help. You will have to create a literature review in any case as it is part of this project. No matter whether you need a review as a part of the intro or theoretical framework, or a separate section, our writers will do that for you!

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