Guide for Composing a Good Quality Dissertation Discussion

One of the areas that will determine how successful your paper will be is the dissertation discussion. This section is where you show the reader how you have answered the question. In the discussion, a student needs to realize that whatever they come up with will be contributing to the knowledge in their field. This means that one needs to be very keen. You will have to view your research from a much larger perspective. This section can sometimes be troublesome for some students. This is why we have provided some of the basics to guide such to creating good quality discussions.

What You Need to Know about Writing Discussion Section of Dissertation

The writing discussion section of dissertation is easier than the research portion section of the dissertation. This means that a student should approach this section with a lot of confidence. However, you will also have to observe care in this area. So what do you need to know about the discussion section dissertation? First, you need to understand that this section largely depends on the type of data that you have. What are you trying to achieve from your findings? It is common for students to structure their discussion according to the research questions they had.

The main objective is to give meaning to the data that you have obtained. This will, in turn, give importance to your results. In the discussion, explain what you have achieved and how it is related to what you included in the review of literature.

These are the four main elements:

  • The interpretation of the data. What do your results translate to?
  • The impact. The reason your results are important or significant
  • What cant your results provide?
  • How should other researchers proceed with the study?

One can choose to unite the discussion section with their conclusion or leave them as two separate sections. In other cases, the findings and the discussions are placed in the same chapter.

In the latter, you need to start by summarizing the findings. Start by reminding the reader of the research problem, then give a summary of all the major findings. One paragraph is enough for this.

From there, you need to give detailed interpretations of your data. You might already have the aims and purpose of that research occurring easily to you. However, your reader needs to be made to understand the data that you have provided them. Hence, you will have to show them how the presented results provide answers to your main question.

Next, you need to discuss any implications brought about by your results. Here, you need to find how this particular research relates to what you gathered in the literature review section. What gaps do your findings fill? You need to figure out whether the data you collected concurs with the previous research. If that is the case, how are they contributing to it? You will also need to indicate whether your theories demerit the current theories or agree with them.

The main take away here is that you need to show your reader why the research was essential.

Every research has its own set of limitations. You need to make peace with that. Showing the limitations of a study proves a researcher’s credibility. This is indicating what one can learn from your research and what they cannot conclude from it.

In the recommendation section, you need to show ways in which future researchers can improve the research. This section is also commonly placed in the conclusion, but it is also applicable here. Show how future researchers can deal with the limitations and build on what you already have.

Finally, remember to cite your work. In dissertation discussion citing, you need to ensure that every scholarly piece you have referred to in your literature review is properly cited according to the instructed formats, whether MLA, APA e.t.c.

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